Boost your sales with a new distribution channel

We have rethought the shopping experience from Instagram.
We have established the direct path to your product pages from an influencer's profile.
With Kips, 3 clicks are enough to buy your products

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Kips for your brand Kips aime les marques

Kips allows you to increase your visibility on Instagram while offering a simple and intuitive shopping experience.

We make your catalogue available to our Influencers
Our influencers offer your products to their communities
Seduced, your customers buy your products in 3 clic

Kips bénéficie d'un réseau d'influenceurs passionnés prêt à promouvoir des marques

A network made for passionate influencers

Kips compte une équipe d'expert disponible pour votre marque

Ethical and humane marketing

La plateforme Kips est simple et intuitive

An easy and intuitive platform

Tracking technology on fleek

Discover our solution

Why should you work with all kind of influencers?

78% of influencers have between 1k and 30k followers, they are « micro-influencers ».They have an engagement rate higher than 60% of the big influencers with more than 50k followers as their community is a lot more engaged with them.

That’s why we give you the opportunity to share a catalogue of products with those micro-influencers. We want to emphasize the quality of engagement more than the quantity of followers.

78 %

of influencers have between 1k and 30k followers

88 %

of influencers make their first step in collaboration before reaching 10k followers

82 %

of consumers follow micro-influencers

Easy settings

Smaller than Google Analytics, our developers do their best to NOT decrease the performance of your website !

The setting process is very convenient: you have to copy/paste the script - available on your interface.

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