Monetize your posts freely

You are free to share the content you want, whenever you feel like it. At Kips, you choose the way you communicate.

What does kips do for you ?

Kips met Ă  disposition des influenceurs le catalogue marques

We set up product catalogues of our partner brands

Kips crée aux inflenceurs un Store personnalisé afin de promouvoir leurs produits

We create a customized store for you to promote your products

Kips se base sur un système à la performance des ventes des influenceurs

We remit a commission on each generated click

Kips organise des événements exclusifs entre marques et influenceurs

Enjoy our exclusive events or showrooms

How does it work ?

Les influenceurs cherchent les produits de leur choix dans le catalogue KipsLes influenceurs créent du contenu avec des produits affiliés et programment leur diffusionLes influenceurs peuvent publier du contenu ou utiliser les liens affiliésLes influenceurs se rémunèrent à chaque vente généréeL'argent généré est retiré 30 jours après la vente
  • Search on the Kips platform for the products you wear on your Instagram publications.
  • Associate in your Store the products appearing on your photos and program your publications.
  • Offer the products of your Store to your community through your Bio link or Swipe-ups links.
  • Earn money every time you generate clicks from your Store.
  • Get the money from your moneybox by bank transfer as soon as your balance exceeds 100€.

Ease up your followers’ life thanks to your store

To ease the research of your products to your community, Kips created the Store.

To be honest, it’s very easy. You just have a link your community can click on and find all the products you wish to emphasize..
Placed in your bio, your Store is both your Instagram dressing room and your shop.

Publication Instagram d'un influenceur mode Kips

A user is interested by a product on one of your photos

Profil instagram d'un influenceur mode Kips

Then, the user goes on your profile to access your store (c.f. link in the bio)

Flux contenu du Store Kips d'un Influenceur
Publication Kips d'un influenceur mode avec produit affilié

The user gets access to the pictures of your Store
and the products. She/he can directly go on the
brands’ e-shops to buy the products.

Le clic sur le lien redirige vers la page achat de la marque revendeuse

The user will then thank you for allowing her/him to find the product she/he wanted

Kips croit en tous les influenceurs et leur force de vente

We believe in all of you !

We want to change people’s states of mind and make everyone realize that influencing is not only a matter of followers.

Your passion for the small details of the daily life makes your experience authentic and human. Your sincere and wise advices are worth all the advertising of the world.
Through your sincerity and the nearness you have with your community, you are able to get things move

Your favorite questions

How much do I earn on average?

Your earnings depend on the commitment of your community and the promotion of your Store

Am I in contact with the brands?

No contract or exclusivity, Kips is the intermediary between you and the brands

How do I know if I am eligible?

One condition : your community must have at least 1200 subscribers

Have I to pay for using Kips?

No Kips is a free tool for influencers

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